Mk2 legs
Mk2 legs front
Nectre Mk2 legs
Mk2 pedestal
Mk2 pedestal front
Nectre Mk2 pedestal

Nectre Mk2

The Nectre Mk2 is a simple but elegant radiant/convection heater that circulates warmth effectively throughout any living space. Mk2 pushes out an impressive peak 20kW.


  • Coverage Up to 200m2
  • Heat Output Max ave. 18kW
  • Efficiency 73%
  • Emissions 0.80g/kg
  • Firebox size 515(w) x 305(d) x 330(h)
  • Max log width 450
  • Weight 140kg/ 160kg
  • Heating style Radiant/ Convection
  • *Optional 3 speed fan for pedestal only

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