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Wise Living Linea Boiler

Despite its compact size, the Linea packs quite a punch, delivering 20kw of heat to provide comfortable winter warmth for up to 200m2 of living area in the average home, and even larger areas in new homes with their significantly improved insulation qualities. Although the Linea delivers its heat via the hydronics, either by way of radiators, convector units or underfloor coils, the glass door gives it the appearance in the home of a conventional, solidly constructed combustion heater. The Linea also provides a generous amount of radiant heat into the living space in which is it installed. The Linea provides the homeowner with all the advantages of wood-fired central heating, such as competitive running costs, quiet, draught-free operation and an even warmth along with the rich heat that only a wood-fired heater can offer. The charm of the flames dancing in the firebox is an added benefit which helps make for cozy winter evenings. The Linea has an ash-bed styled fire chamber, however a modified ash pan area has been incorporated into the design to allow convenient removal of ash at any time, even with the heater going. As with all Dynamic Series boilers, the Linea also allows for partial control of flue gases (got a damper), keeping the temperature lower and increasing the unit’s efficiency and heating ability. The top surface of the Linea can be used as a cooking surface. You can have a kettle on standby or brewed coffee anytime. The standard Linea is finished in a sleek metallic black. Other colours are available on request. The Linea is available in three different styles to enable it to suit different interior designs and decors.

Linea – On Legs

The Linea on legs is a crossover style between the traditional European and North American style. With this design the hot water pipes are usually concealed within the wall or can be installed behind the flue casing. Can deliver up to 5kw of radiant heat.

Linea – On Pedestal

With its benchmark contemporary styling, this unit will blend into most interior designs. The pedestal has the advantage of being able to hide any piping to the subfloor or lower story and cannot be concealed in the wall cavity. Can deliver up to 5kw of radiant heat.

Linea – Inbuilt

This is the ideal space saver to fit into an existing chimney or new construction. To improve the ease of installation the Linea inbuilt can be supplied with the water connections on the left-hand side, right-hand side or in the centre rear. Just let us know your preference when ordering. Radiant heat not applicable.

None available

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