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Draught-free, dust-free, silent operation for every room in the house. Hydronic radiators offer a stylish and practical heating solution. Heat up times from cold can be as little as 10 minutes – depending on boiler output and radiator sizing and quantity. Our  Hydronic Radiators are manufactured in Europe from quality steel and are multi-coat powder coated in off-white for long life and a stylish finish.

When designing a system for your house, consideration is given primarily to the amount of heat required to heat the particular room. This takes into account the room type (for example, bedrooms normally require less heat than living areas), and also placement of the hydronic radiator in the area to ensure that the heat is distributed as evenly as possible and is aesthetically pleasing.

Hydronic radiators  are available in heights of 300mm, 400mm, 500mm 600mm and 900mm, lengths from 300mm to 3000mm and four widths, ensuring that there is a radiator to suit all situations. Towel rails are also available in multiple heights and lengths for use in bathrooms and ensuites.

Radiators can be fitted with optional thermostatic valve heads to regulate a temperature in any given room or area. Pipework to and from hydronic heat radiators is generally hidden under the floor or in the ceiling space with the manifold being placed in a convenient location, usually in a cupboard or under the stairs.

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