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Wise Living CentraCoil Hot Water Tank

The CentraCoil are a stainless steel, mains pressure storage tank suitable for gas boilers, wood stoves and boilers, heat pumps, all hydronics and solar options. WISELIVING CentraCoil tanks have an innovative internal heat exchanger fitted to the tank to allow connection of a variety of additional heat sources. You can now safely combine low pressure with high pressure, potable domestic water with frost protection chemicals or hydronics with anti-corrosion additives. Manufactured in Australia from marine grade stainless steel for a long trouble free life, foam insulated and wrapped in Colourbond steel, they are just as happy sitting outside as they are hidden away in a cupboard, and being a mere 560mm diameter the standard tank can be hidden in most cupboards of 600mm width.

All Wiseliving CentraCoil tanks have a 15 year Pro Rata warranty and come in 160Lt, 250Lt, 315Lt & 400Lt sizes. Wiseliving CentraCoil tanks also have the option of a pre-fitted header tank to supply the coil for some thermosiphon applications.

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