Belvedere 5000

Wise Living Belvedere 5000

The largest in our hydronic boiler range, the Belvedere 5000 is primarily designed for plant room installation, providing up to 50kw of heat. The Belvedere features a large symmetrical firebox which gives high output temperatures while extending the burn time between refueling.

The Belvedere 5000 is often the best choice for in floor slab heating as its high output, spacious firebox and high capacity water jacket enables the initial temperature rise required for in-slab heating. It also has both manual and automatic airflow control, self-closing draught diverter, and temperature sensor grate and self-scooping ash pan with a separate firebox and ash pan doors, and separate damper and air controls – automatic and manual. The Belvedere 5000 utilizes a standard 150mm (6″) flue assembly.

All Dynamic Boilers contain mild steel waterways and require the addition of a water conditioner. We recommend the addition of “Thermablend” long life boiler conditioner and corrosion inhibitor to maintain the system in optimum working condition. If connecting a Dynamic Boiler to a domestic hot water service, a heat exchange tank system must be used.

The Belvedere 5000 can also be installed in a living room and a glass door option is available.

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