r32 heat pump

R32 Heat Pump

The R32 Hydronic Heat Pump is an energy-efficient unit thanks to its combination of DC Inverter and EVI technologies. Using the R32 refrigerant, it has significantly lower Global Warming Potential (GWP) compared to other types of refrigerants commonly used today.

Highest Efficiency in an Eco-friendly design and finished with a premium matte black ABS material casing, the WISELIVING R32 Hydronic Heat pump is corrosion and UV resistant and built to weather the harshest conditions, ensuring a long and unblemished service life. Creatively combining Eco-friendly R32 refrigerant, full inverter EVI technology and a sleek modern appearance, you can be sure of a powerful performance while enjoying an elegant appearance.

WISELIVING has a long history with the design and development of sustainable heating products that excel in the harsh Australian environment, and the new WISELIVING R32 Hydronic Heat Pump is no exception. Combining the latest technology to provide you with higher effi ciency home heating, cooling and domestic hot water, this product stands true to our motto: Respect for People and the Environment’.

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