ADF Linea 1000I Duo Inbuilt Heater ADH1000IDF 10101004SV [Lifestyle]
ADF Linea 1000I Duo Inbuilt Heater ADH1000I 10101004SV [Studio]

ADF Linea 100I Duo

The Linea 100 Duo Insert wood burning fireplace has a minimalist state-of-the-art design, with its simplistic clean sharp lines and crisp edges. Its impressive dual opening doors ensure an uninterrupted view of the flames and are easily opened with its removable handle. Dual fans heat both front and back of the fireplace. With its transparent design, this fireplace makes for the ideal room divider.


  • High performance combustion chamber provides a clean burn
  • Ability to connect a central air system and distribute heat into other rooms of your home
  • Access to both sides of the firebox

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