ADF HayraP Pedestal Heater ADHNMRP 102820R5S0 [Lifestyle]
ADF HayraP Pedestal Heater ADHNMRP 102820R5S0 [Studio]

ADF Hayra 85P Free Standing

Coupled with a sleek European design and manufacture the Hayra 85 series is the next level in quality and functionality.

These fires operate beautifully with a unique automatic flue damper that significantly reduces smoke ingress into the room and a high-density lining system that insulates the combustion chamber, providing better heat reflection.


  • High density thermal vermiculite liners insulate the chamber, and
    add additional heat reflection
  • Unique automatic flue damper reduces smoke ingress when refueling, by increasing the flue draught
  • Heat Capacity 150 – 200 m2
  • Maximum Efficiency 72%
  • Emissions 0.8 g/kg
  • Flue Dimension Ø200mm
  • Material 5mm steel welded firebox, with a high-density thermal lining

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